Quality pool water treatment always takes place in combination with hydraulic, filtration, oxidation, pH regulation and at the same time sufficient amount of clean water reinforcement. It is the job of the swimming pool expert to have a good hydraulic system in the pool (not enough water circulation and dead zones). You get the best filtration in the swimming pool with DAISY.

       By this filtration, organic matter which is a food source of bacteria and algae are kept and their proliferation is minimized. But in spite of this, oxidation is needed to destroy the remaining pathogens. The most effective oxidizing agent is the free radicals - especially the OH radical. These reactive molecules complex the organic matter and can not leave any disinfection by-products (DBP's) back. There fore, it is called advanced oxidation.

      Since OH-Radicals break down very quickly, there is a need for an additional second disinfection substance for the safety of water quality. The best solution is to use very little chlorine. With the DAISY system, 0.1 ppm chlorine will be sufficient. With advanced coagulation and flocculation, AFM filtration filters out all the bacterial nutrients and prevents bacteria from developing. With the combination of DAISY and DA-GEN you get drinking water quality in your swimming pool.


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