It is possible to obtain a sauna with high quality only with trees growing in the Nordic countries. Trees grow slowly in harsh weather conditions, so they have stronger and more resistant structures. The trees we use in the production of sauna cabinets are RED CEDAR (Canadian Red Cedar) and HEMCLOK of Canada men known as the best sauna tree in the world with no knotless and zero resin proportions on the wall and pan. Seating groups use the ABACHI tree for backrests and floor grids for extra heat. Cheap and declining quality wood, plywood or chipboard is never used at all.

The quality of our products used in Spa & Wellness projects; We are supported by our experience and our efforts for continuous improvement.

As CRN Sauna we have a wide range of products, from designing to turnkey delivery


           CRN SAUNA is a consultancy and implementation project for swimming pools, spa (sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, adventure showers, snow fountain, salt room, snow room foot ponds) ornamental pools, biological ponds, fish farms and marine aquariums We are an undertaking company that performs the procurement and production of used products.

             CRN SAUNA is a well-established company that specializes in engineering applications in its field of work and works with manufacturing and installation principles that are in accordance with globally accepted standards in designing.

           Our company's primary goal is customer satisfaction, and our experience and expert staff are in addition to our power. Another advantage is that you benefit from the advantages of our experts from the beginning to the end of your projects.


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